Seeing Where Maths Can Take You

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Maths is used everywhere and creates endless career opportunities.  If you are thinking about a career in engineering, then this booklet is for you.  Maybe you are taking your A Levels, thinking about what degree to take or maybe you are already doing an Engineering degree but are wondering about whether to stay in the profession after you graduate.  Alternatively you may be taking a Mathematics or Physics degree  and are thinking about whether you want to use your Maths skills in an engineering context.

In this booklet 9 engineers talk about their experiences in aeras as diverse as the NHS to the construction industry.  We hope that they will inspire you and show you that using your Maths skills in enginnering is an exciting and rewarding road to take.

There are also a number of videos available where engineers from five diverse sectors talk about their careers, as well as giving real life examples of where they use maths.