National HE STEM Programme Project Leads win HEA NTFS awards

The Higher Education Academy’s National Teacher Fellowship scheme has just announced its winners.

Fiona Lamb (Loughborough University), Professor John Davies (Coventry University) and Dr Paul Hewson (Plymouth University) have all recently led successful HE STEM Projects, and have received prestigious HEA National Teaching Fellowships that reflect their longer-term commitment and activities to enhancing the student learning experience.

Fiona has most recently been working on developing student led activities and transferring expertise to other institutions so that they can adopt similar approaches.  The project Showcasing and Extending Student-Led , Employer focused extra-curricular activity in STEM has been adopted by a number of institutions across the UK.

Paul’s work has included a ‘statistical literacy’ to help learners overcome fears that might limit their careers and employment options.  This has led to the development courses that have been delivered to a number of different organisations.  To read more about see Paul’s project visit

John has been working on his Using Part-Time Students as Mentors project which focuses using the knowledge, expertise and experience that part time students can offer to full time, less experienced students. Another project ‘Part-Time Students in the Workplace- enhancing practice in course provision and increasing participation’ involves investigate the different delivery, methods used for part time courses collecting examples of best practice. 

Michael Grove, Director of the National HE STEM Programme, comments: “The Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellowship awards are highly competitive and reflect a longer-term commitment to enhancing the student learning experience.  We are delighted that Paul, John and Fiona have been successful, and recognise that their contribution to the work of the National HE STEM Programme forms only a recent component of their longer-term commitment to enhancing learning and teaching within higher education.  Their awards are very well deserved and we are delighted that their National HE STEM Programme activities are not only benefiting learners, but also others throughout the sector through the knowledge and learning they have generated”.