Project Discipline Project lead
A proactive intervention to facilitate transition to HE for engineering students with non-typical mathematical backgrounds Mathematics Stephen Hibberd Show project
Chemistry – South West: Sharing Best Practice in Widening Participation Chemistry Bridgette Duncombe Show project
Chemistry practical podcasts Chemistry Dan Driscoll Show project
Constructing a Coherent STEM Strategy with Schools Mathematics Alison Hooper Show project
Curriculum Impact: making explicit links from the HE mathematics curriculum to applications in science, technology, business and industry Mathematics Vivien Easson Show project
E-learning and formative in-course assessment in mathematics and statistics for engineers Mathematics Bill Foster Show project
Embedding resources for distance learning Chemistry Tina Overton Show project
Enhancing the impact of chemistry outreach by use of selected, repeated interventions and collaborative university provision. Chemistry Neil Williams Show project
Implementation of The University of Manchester, School of Chemistry Practical Bootcamp at the University of Nottingham Chemistry Jonathan Agger Show project
Lancashire STEM Symposium – “Did you know…..?” Engineering Alan Darragh Show project
Luggage Lab - a set of six self-contained, portable physics experiments for outreach Physics Sean Ryan Show project
Maths Busking; engaging the general public and school groups through the powerful medium of street entertainment! Mathematics David Abrahams Show project
Science Van / Gwyddfan – physics-based outreach, evaluation and prompt dissemination to HEIs in Wales and border regions. Physics Debra Croft Show project
Sharing best practice in STEM Outreach: How to make friends and influence people! STEM wide Karen Moss Show project
SMART: Supporting MATLAB Automated assessment to Reinforce Teaching Mathematics Alan Irving Show project
Stimulating student-led employer-focused activity in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics at Loughborough STEM wide Fiona Lamb Show project
Stimulating Techniques in Entry-level Mathematics (STEM) with the STACK computer aided assessment system Mathematics Chris Sangwin Show project
Student laboratory skills at the transition into HE Chemistry Chemistry Nigel Lowe Show project
The transition into engineering: Scoping diagnostic and support tools Engineering Tim Bullough Show project
Transferring the Magic to STEM Mathematics Peter McOwan Show project