Project Discipline Project lead
‘Moving closer’ – maximising benefits to University courses, students and employers through undergraduate civil engineering placements Engineering Crina Oltean-Dumbrava Show project
'Meet the Scientist’ Physics Ian Morrison Show project
2020 Vision: A curriculum for Mathematics graduates for the next decade Mathematics Chris Good Show project
A Pilot for a Shared On-line Statistics Advisory Service STEM wide Alun Owen Show project
A proactive intervention to facilitate transition to HE for engineering students with non-typical mathematical backgrounds Mathematics Stephen Hibberd Show project
Is accreditation of in-house training a flexible and responsive model for up-skilling STEM staff? STEM wide Helen Hooper Show project
Advanced Digital Engineering – Access for schools Engineering Martin Brown Show project
An innovative approach to HE provision in Nuclear and Chemical Engineering: The hybrid part-time MEng degree scheme Engineering Malcolm Joyce Show project
Ashfield Music Festival Physics Fiona Maddock Show project
Assessing student teams developing mathematical models in business and industrial mathematics Mathematics Edmund Chadwick Show project
Engineering / Maths At Work STEM wide Cedric Belloc Show project
Bilingual Interactive Periodic Table Chemistry Stevie Scanlan Show project
Becoming a STEM Practitioner: Sharing Practice with Students and Staff STEM wide Jane Rowe Show project
Big Bang Fair Wales STEM wide Rebecca Griffiths Show project
Biological Physics Physics Philip Diamond Show project
Physics based work packages for workforce development and foundation courses. Physics Justin Steele-Davies Show project
Building on the Maths Arcade: supporting mathematics learning STEM wide Noel-Ann Bradshaw Show project
Building the capacity of engineering lectures to take part in engineering outreach from HEIs in the Midlands & East Anglia region Engineering David Dyke Show project
Capturing Work Experience and Enhancing Employability for Engineering Students Engineering Scarlett Xiao Show project
Case study - Physics at York Physics David Jenkins Show project