Supporting progression in mathematics education

Lead name:
James Hind
Collaborating Institutions:
Nottingham Girls High School
Funding call:
Maths strand - £1,500
Programme contact:
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Final year maths degree students will visit a local secondary school and witness first hand the teaching of maths to GCSE and A-level students. They will prepare teaching material suitable for maths degree, GCSE and A-level classes on a topic chosen jointly with their project supervisor. They will progress with the assistance and advice of secondary maths teachers from the secondary school as well as their university project tutor. They will focus on elements of mathematics which are not currently part of the national curriculum or which are not dealt with by the curriculum in any depth. They will present their work to classes of the appropriate level from the assisting school. The presentation will be in the form of a taught session and associated teaching materials.
Project Aims

To improve the employability prospects of university students in applying for a career in teaching.

To enable the university to develop experience in working with schools.

To improve the school pupils' perceptions of mathematics and university.

Project Objectives

To develop a curriculum approach in partnership with a local school to allows final year maths students who have expressed an interest in teaching the chance to experience and explore teaching practice.

Through the student engagement with the school, to dispel some of the myths about a maths education and giving the school pupils insight into the range of possible courses and future careers in mathematics.

To build a partnership between the university and school.

To improve pupil's perceptions of mathematics and university and to portray positive images of mathematics courses and careers to girls.

Whilst the assisting school has an excellent rate of progression to higher education in general, it has a disappointing rate of progression to maths courses; it is hoped that this project will help to rectify this.

Project Outputs

A final year project designed and delivered which involves university students in exploring school teaching practice and delivering content.

School pupils made aware of a wider range of mathematics than that offered by the curriculum alone.

A relationship with a local school. Improved ability in working with local schools.

A case study sharing the experience of running this project.

Project Outcomes

This approach has the potential to simultaneously improve the graduate prospects of university students who are interested in teaching, while engaging school pupils in mathematics activities beyond the curriculum and making them aware of the possibilities offered by mathematics at university.


The university will build its expertise in working with local schools and engaging students in school teaching practice.


This expertise will be shared so others can learn from the approach.

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