Project(s) of the Week

This section focuses on projects making prgoress and the highlights the achievements made so far.  It presents an opportunity for work to be given a higher profile and for their visibility to the community increased.

Friday 22nd June

EPS Grand Challenge

Friday 18th May

Business Innovation in STEM sectors by workforce upskilling

STEM Careers Resources for Science Museums Launches

Friday 20th April

Four projects of the week this week to make up for the Easter break.

Details available in this news story.

Friday 23rd March 2012

Practical Skills and Virtual Experiments including Pedagogical Evaluation

Friday 9th March 2012

Communicating Mathematical Sciences

Friday 17th Febraury 2012

Industrial Advisory Boards Meeting

Friday 27th January 2012

Hydrographic Academy update

Connect to Science update

Friday 20th January 2012

Analysing and Disseminating Data to Understand and Enhance First Year Engineering and Materials Science Education progress so far..

Friday 16th December 2011

An update from Practice Transfer Partnership: Strategic Regional Working with Schools and Colleges

Friday 9th December 2011

Becoming a STEM Enthusiast - an update

An update from 'Transferring the Magic to STEM'

Project of the Week

Project Discipline Project lead
Looked After Young People in Huddersfield STEM wide Jeremy Hopwood Show project