Models of industrial placements

Lead name:
Tony Mann
Collaborating Institutions:
Funding call:
Maths strand - £2,000
Programme contact:
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
This project will investigate a novel approach to industrial placements and share experiences of different models, to encourage institutions to consider options to support their students through work-based learning.
Project Aims

This project aims to investigate an unusual industrial placements scheme to capture information to help others considering such a scheme.

Project Objectives

The HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit (Rowlett, P., ed, 2011, HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit. MSOR Network) made a recommendation: “Pilot of undergraduate students gaining experiencing of working in industry through short term placements (e.g. 2 hours per week)”. As well as a traditional year-long sandwich placement, the University of Greenwich has a new ‘Mathematics Industry Placement’ 30-credit module taken during final year.


This involves short-term placements of the kind recommended by this Summit recommendation so, rather than initiating a new pilot scheme, a mini-project exploring the Greenwich pilot has been commissioned.

Project Outputs

This project will contribute a report on the experience of running this scheme and run a workshop at Greenwich on this topic.

Project Outcomes

The report and workshop will assist other institutions in considering how best to support their students' through work-based learning. The community will benefit from resources which address a need identified by the HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit.

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