HE engagement with schools and colleges

Higher Education Institutions have an important role within UK society in raising aspirations and encouraging those within the school and college sectors to engage in further study. The Programme’s strategy in this area recognises the wealth of good practice that exists within both the Higher Education and wider STEM sectors, and identifies approaches that build upon existing activities through the transfer and embedding of good practice. The Programme’s strategy seeks to increase Higher Education sector engagement with related local and national initiatives and organisations, increase the impact of university led activities within schools and colleges, and develop learner communities focused around Higher Education institutions.


At the heart of Programme activity to widen participation amongst students of school and college age is the national transfer and embedding of proven practices from four discipline based projects developed independently by the Royal Society of Chemistry (Chemistry for our Future), the Institute of Physics (Stimulating Physics), the Royal Academy of Engineering (the London Engineering Project), and a consortium of mathematical bodies (More Maths Grads), into the core practice of Higher Education Institutions.