Enhancing scholarship in HE STEM Education: Developing Pedagogic Research

'Scholarly practice’, or more commonly, the ‘scholarship of teaching and learning’ may be effectively described as: engaging with existing pedagogic knowledge and applying it to individual practice, self-reflection upon teaching and learning activity, the collection of evidence and data in support of teaching and learning practices, and, the wider dissemination of ideas and learning.  

The National HE STEM Programme has sought to support all of those leading its activities within higher education to engage in scholarly practice.  Two areas where it has provided particular support are in evaluation of activities and interventions, and in encouraging project leads to undertake pedagogic research based upon their work.  Pedagogic research provides an opportunity for individuals to gain wider recognition for their work, but requires the articulation of impact, evidence and learning from their work in a scholarly manner.

On the 7/8 June 2012, the Programme, in conjunction with the Royal Society of Chemistry and sigma, held a two-day workshop aimed at supporting those wishing to engage in pedagogic research within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in UK higher education.  The event was attended by around 35 participants, some of whom shared their reasons for attending, plans for the future, and described how this workshop has helped inform their future research activities and approaches.   A briefing guide is currently in production but summary videos from the individual sessions are now available:

Duncan Lawson: Discussing what is pedagogic research? 

George Brown: Discussing the differences between qualitiative and quantitative research.

Lou Comerford Boyes: Discussing ethics and quality control and validity.

Ross Galloway: Discussing developing and writing research questions and diagnostic testing.

Michael Grove: Discussing funding opportunities for pedagogic research.

Joe Kyle: Discussing developing an academic identity.

Tina Overton: Discussing writing for publication.

Michael Grove and Joe Kyle: Discussing dissemination and other outcomes emerging from the workshop.