Assessing student teams developing mathematical models in business and industrial mathematics

Lead name:
Edmund Chadwick
Collaborating Institutions:
Funding call:
Maths strand - £5,000
Programme contact:
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
This project will develop and trial a novel teaching and assessment approach designed to give students experience of business and industrial working practices. This will involve employers in delivery. This approach will be evaluated and disseminated.
Project Aims

To develop a teaching approach giving students experience of business and industrial working practices.


To involve employers in the delivery of this curriculum.

Project Objectives

To develop a teaching approach to give allow students to solve practical mathematical problems not through a traditional academic route by examination or essay, but instead by a pro-active approach through a team-based problem-solving format familiar to the world of business and industry and to expose the students to various roles played within a team, and also assess their preferences, performance and capacity for changing role particularly in the context of developing mathematical models.

To expose students to content delivered by industrial partners.

To involve industrial partners in assessment of student work.

Project Outputs

Teaching approach developed through which students are exposed to mathematics applied to the world of work, allowed to work in a business-like way, develop strategies for working in groups and reflect upon this experience.

Model for assessment through a format more akin to the business rather than academic environment, allowing assessment of a variety of business-like attributes not assessed by a standard academic module.

This approach delivered and evaluated.

Guidance made available on the experience of running this novel provision.

Project Outcomes

A newly developed and evaluated novel approach will be made available through a case study to other institutions seeking to improve their curriculum.

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