Practice Transfer Partnerships

The National HE STEM Programme is currently working to establish a series of Practice Transfer Partnerships in seven key areas that are targeted to bring longer term benefit to the activities of the wider HE STEM sector.

The development of Practice Transfer Partnerships focuses upon seven themes.  Each Partnership has been targeted with a view to bringing about a change in practice within the universities involved.  Partnerships are therefore strategic in their nature.

  1. Diversity:
    • Gender & Ethnicity
    • Disability
    • Socio-economic
    • Looked after children
  2. Transition, Induction and Retention
  3. Careers Advice and Guidance:
    • Undergraduate careers advice and guidance
    • Accredited Careers advice and guidance for schools and colleges
  4. Strategic regional working with schools and colleges:
    • Initiating and supporting strategic change to university outreach practices
  5. Strategic university engagement with employers
  6. Delivery of flexible curricula to enable workforce development
  7. Proven outreach practices and interventions
  8. University Technical Colleges
  9. Employer Engagement in Mathematics

Of the 60 expressions of interest received in the spring of 2011, 16 came from activities and projects that the Programme has itself initiated.  We are now working with these, and other National HE STEM projects, in furtherance of a scheme launched in the autumn of 2011 to enable HEIs to ‘adopt’ and undertake Programme activities currently underway elsewhere.  This will support the aim of the Programme to transfer and embed its practices more widely across the HE STEM sector during its final year of operation.

Please see below for case studies and reports of Practice Transfer Partnership projects.

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